Dickies Las Vegas

People will judge you at first sight – by your physical appearance, anyway. The same idea rings true when it comes to work apparel. A client or a customer can instantly generate a first impression just by catching a glance at your working clothing during the first encounter. This is a crucial moment in dealing busine......... more »

Uniform Store Las Vegas

If you are among the persons who want to give the best at work, the last thing you need to worry about is an ugly uniform. A uniform is not only a piece of clothing because wearing tells a lot about you. We at Las Vegas Uniforms understand that a workwear is an identity. It helps portray the image you want to show to y......... more »

Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs Las Vegas

Everyone has watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy knows just how eventful a day in the medical world can be. From fast paced trauma cases to meticulous hours of neurosurgery to the bustling energy at the emergency room, every hour spent in the hospital is a buzz of activity and movement. Now imagine being one of the ......... more »

Barco Las Vegas

Doctors and medical professionals are the new heroes of our time. Day I and day out, they help save lives and promote better health. With the constant buzz and flurry present in hospitals every day I can be easy for medical professionals such as nurses and doctors to get stressed and worn out. Looking for a way to brig......... more »

Scrubs Las Vegas

Medical scrubs, as most of you know, are worn by people who work in the medical field. Wikipedia states that when medical uniforms were first introduced, the nurse’s uniform consisted of a mainly blue. Today, however, scrubs Las Vegas are already available for purchase in wide arrays of colors in different kinds of p......... more »

Cherokee Las Vegas

It is a widely known fact that healthcare providers are amongst the most hardworking people in the world. That is why having comfortable and proper fitting uniforms are essential to surviving those long hours of work. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right scrubs. When shopping for scrubs make sure ......... more »

Koi Las Vegas

Choosing your nursing scrubs seems like the easiest task in the world. However, going with the wrong choice or fit makes you look unkempt or worse unprofessional. Not to worry, though. Las Vegas Uniforms, the largest uniform store in Las Vegas, has the biggest selection of medical scrubs in the city so there are lots o......... more »

Las Vegas Uniforms

Today’s modern culture has been deemed to be engrossed with current, transient fashion trends that the simplicity of doing something, like changing clothes for work every day, has become a rigorous and time-consuming task. According to a news article by The Telegraph, women alone spend nearly one year deciding what t......... more »

Chef Works Las Vegas

There are many ways in assessing a restaurant. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone pays attention to only the food that is being served. Customers, especially the loyal patrons, gauge a restaurant from the parking situation to its overall interior ambiance, among other things. The thorough assessment that a person......... more »

Carhartt Las Vegas

Carhartt Las Vegas clothing first came out to the public with their work apparel in 1889. Their very first customers were initially people in the trade of mining, locomotive and construction labor. Carhartt’s first attempt with dabbling in work clothes did not succeed at first try. Not until they asked the workers th......... more »

Edwards Las Vegas

Edwards (Las Vegas) is a work wear brand trusted by many professionals not only in the United States, but world wide.  The brand specializes in manufacturing high-quality footwear that embodies both durability and style.  However, they are not limited to only creating work wear shoes.  They also have uniforms as a ......... more »